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About John

John has been a prolific photographer for over 35 years. He gained the Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society in 1984 and a Fellowship the following year. Until December 2009 he was a member of the RPS Travel Distinctions Panel and Chair of the Visual Art Panel. He has also served on the RPS Nature Panel and the Fellowship Board. In 2008 he was awarded the Fenton Medal for services to the Society. As well as ‘Arena’, he is a member of the London Salon and the Zoological Photo Club.

His images have been exhibited extensively in Britain and in various countries around the world gaining many awards and he has also acted as a selector at countless national and international exhibitions. He works in both monochrome and colour with his current images being captured digitally. He is essentially a photographer rather than a digital artist, preferring to capture images ‘in the field’ rather than creating them in Photoshop. His current areas of interest are ‘the landscape’, macro work in the urban environment and wildlife photography.