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About Hongbo

A recent recruit and one of Arena’s youngest members, Hongbo is a sports photographer par excellence, specialising particularly in tennis photography. He has built up an impressive portfolio in recent years and many of his images are currently with agencies. His work is in much demand, particularly with the Chinese media, which allows him access to the world’s top tennis tournaments. His passion for this genre of photography is fuelled in part by his own love of the sport.

A native of China, Hongbo studied Statistics at Salford University and on graduation quickly gained employment here in the UK. It is at this period of his life that he developed an interest in photography. He has also shown an interest in landscape photography; with an ability to view the UK afresh, he regularly indulges this aspect of photography as well.

Hongbo only recently joined The RPS and was encouraged to submit a panel of work to the Applied Section; not only was he successful, but his portfolio of prints were used as an exemplar panel which recently toured the UK. His aim now is to work towards a Fellowship.