Project Description

About Harry

My path to now has indeed been varied. I have been trying since I first entered a darkroom to search for new ideas, reinventing my approach, delving into new ways of expressing myself photographically. The course of surrealism has been behind a lot of my work and still is.

I have been looking at the wonder and colour of nature in ultra close ups of plant roots and quartz for some time which draws me continuously into light and colour.

The benefits of the scanner, which gives me ultimate sharpness, have been a great help in my choice of subjects and the digital age has helped me shape my visions of what I need to produce next.

What I used to do chemically I now use digital programmes to produce the difference which I need.

At heart I was a purist but now we have to move on, bearing in mind that whatever pictures we see now have been altered. Is what we see a new form of Art. Who decides ?

Harry wrote 25th June 2015