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About George

George Felton makes images in colour. They are mostly pictorial landscapes. He became an expert in Ilfochrome printing from transparencies and is now fully involved with digital images.

He prefers stark landscapes of bare rock, mountains, lakes and waterfalls, and seeks to capture the often other-worldly nature of these places.

He has had numerous acceptances and awards in exhibitions, both in Britain and abroad, and has gained the distinction EFIAP. As well as FRPS in visual art, he has a second FRPS, this time in pictorial printing.

George has developed a passion for printing transformed work. His prints and slides can be interpreted in several ways, often dramatically.

He can transform his idea by picking out parts of his image and changing their size, colours or shapes – he can even copy or delete them. He can introduce fresh new parts – often for changing the work’s interpretation by various viewers.