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Dee Yawetz

Whether photographing remote landscapes or the human condition Dee’s approaches her work with a photojournalistic eye. Her diverse body of work has taken her from remote regions of the high Artic Circle and Artic Norway, to the world of witchcraft and superstition of Tanzania, where she worked for Josephat Torner, documenting his life and work around raising Albinism awareness and photographing children with Albinism in shelters.

Deborah originally trained in film at Panico Film School London, which is now part of the London Film Academy. She worked in the industry briefly, before deciding to train and work as an Architectural Interior Designer. Eventually the call of the camera drew Deborah back and she became accredited with the NCTJ training under Neil Turner.

Deborah has been a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society since 2005 and is also a member of the Landscape Collective UK.

Previous exhibitions include Calumet Photographic (London), Sixth (London), The Playboy Club, (London) and the Royal Bath Hospital (Bath).