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Photography and art have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. It was never my intention to become a freelance photographer, but somehow, in spite of becoming a teacher and working my way up that profession, I have managed to make a living (just about) for the past thirty years. In spite of the pressures of commercial work running my own business, I have managed to retain my enthusiasm and enjoyment in making pictures.

I have been a member of ARENA for over twenty years and was Chairman for several years prior to moving in 2007, to Cumbria, high in the North Pennines. As well as contributing to numerous group exhibitions, I have had several one-man shows in the UK, Australia and India.

The natural world is my principle theme: enjoying colour, textures and patterns. I continue to be amazed at the technology of photography and still consider our ability to reproduce the world in the form of prints as little short of miraculous!