Photographing Landscape – a new book by Tony Worobiec

//Photographing Landscape – a new book by Tony Worobiec

Photographing Landscape – a new book by Tony Worobiec

Once you realise that the defining quality of any landscape is the weather then you are truly able to master landscape photography. The weather governs the two most important features of landscape images, notably lighting and mood. Tony Worobiec, as a master of landscape photography, provides us with a guide that is both practical and inspiring for amateur photographers.

Photographing Landscape Whatever the Weather is comprehensive in its coverage of photography in all types of weather, from the familiar rain and sunshine to the more unusual and dramatic dust storms and deserts. If you want to know how to take the best images of rainbows or lightning then this is the book for you. Tony also offers practical advice on suitable clothing, equipment care and understanding weather forecasts so that you can achieve the best images whatever the weather. This book covers all the angles when it comes to landscape and weather photography.

This PhotoActive book is designed for those beginners who want to achieve more with their landscape photography. With the many wonderful photos taken by Tony providing motivation, you can’t help but don your wellies or sun hat in order to get outside to take photographs after reading this book.

Photographing  Landscape Whatever The Weather was considered one of the 10 Best Photo Books 2016

About the Author:
Tony Worobiec studied Fine Art at The University of Newcastle upon Tyne and spent 18 years as head of a large design faculty in Dorset. He has won awards for photography in the UK and internationally, and has had work exhibited in London’s Barbican Gallery, The Independent Photographers Gallery, The Fox Talbot Museum and Bradford’s National Museum of Photography. His work is in the permanent collections of The Royal Photographic Society and The Fox Talbot Museum.

Tony regularly writes articles for photographic magazines both here in the UK and America.  He is the author of 14 books the latest of which The Complete Guide to Photographic Composition has just been published. Nearly 200,000 copies of his books have been sold worldwide and have been translated into Dutch, German, Spanish, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Russian and, rather fittingly, Polish.

Possibly his most prestigious project to date is one he did with his wife Eva, which resulted in Ghosts in the Wilderness; Abandoned America. This iconic book is often quoted by colleges and universities as the definitive documentary on the abandoned communities of the American High Plains. Published in 2003, it was very enthusiastically reviewed in the Guardian, the Independent, the Washington Post and Stern magazine in Germany.

For details on where to purchase the book please visit:  Photographing Landscape Whatever the Weather
For more about Tony and his photography visit: Tony Worobiec