George Felton – Obituary

//George Felton – Obituary

George Felton – Obituary

George Felton

Born 3 February 1921; died 14 June 2019

We were all saddened by the death of Arena member George Felton on 14th June 2019 at the age of 98.

George was a pioneering computer scientist of considerable distinction with numerous interests both inside and outside of his work. 

He developed his interest in photography relatively late in life in the 1970’s and as with most things, he quickly made an impact. Initially he worked in Cibachrome and despite a degree of colour blindness he soon became known as one of the finest Cibachrome printers around. 

Later in life, as the digital revolution grew and Cibachrome materials became scarce, he taught himself Photoshop and printed his work digitally. 

He remained photographically productive well into his nineties.

In addition to his membership of Arena, George was a member of two photographic clubs – Woking PS and Richmond and Twickenham PS. He was a double Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, gaining his Fellowships in ‘Pictorial” and in ‘Photographic Printing’ categories. He was an elected member of The London Salon of Photography, where he also served for many years as secretary.

George’s photographic life was extremely busy. He had responsibilities in nearly all the organisations he was involved with and he exhibited widely around the world, gainIng his AFIAP and EFIAP and an enviable collection of medals and awards.

He will be widely missed.