Cathy Roberts

About Cathy A Fine Art photographer, Cathy has had a lifelong interest in the visual arts & originally studied History


Caroline Hyman

About Caroline Caroline is a widely exhibited photographer. Her work is held in public and private collections around the world,


Dee Yawetz

Dee Yawetz Whether photographing remote landscapes or the human condition Dee's approaches her work with a photojournalistic eye. Her diverse


Janey Devine

About Janey Having had a career in IT, Janey was an early convert to digital photography, and bought one of


Edward Sturgeon

About Edward Edwards photography is very versatile from wildlife studies to studio portraiture and traditional landscape to aircraft and motorsports.


John Gould

About John A Fellow of the RPS, John has a reputation for producing award-winning “toned” prints of people and places


Kathy Harcom

About Kathy I am a fine art photographer who specialises in black and white photography and hand printing in


Leigh Preston

About Leigh Leigh’s photography is mainly thematic, often using dramatic lighting in wilderness situations, or monochrome in the urban landscape.


Hongbo Chen

About Hongbo A recent recruit and one of Arena's youngest members, Hongbo is a sports photographer par excellence, specialising particularly


Roger Crocombe

About Roger Roger is a landscape photographer, with a special affinity for the shoreline. His passion is capturing an impression


Paul Foley

About Paul Paul Foley is a dedicated landscape photographer who responds to the quiet, the discreet and the abstract, often


Paul Mitchell

About Paul Born in East Yorkshire, Paul's interest for photography began at school. He then studied graphic design at art


Polina Plotnikova

About Polina I am a Russian-born UK-based photographer. My photographic style developed through my love and knowledge of art. My usual


Steve Smith

About Steve I am not an artist, I am a photographer I take pictures of people and places that interest