Arena Seminar 2019 Feedback


  "A huge thanks to everyone involved. It was, as always a very enjoyable weekend. I found the print walk sessions too short. I didn’t manage to get all round the prints in any of them. I will be interested

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2019 Photographic Exhibition at Denbies Art Gallery


The Highly regarded group Arena Photographers from the South aims to promote the highest standards in photography and to encourage printmaking. Exhibiting together is a key part of the philosophy of the group and this exhibition comprises a selection of diverse portfolios from ten of its members.

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Harry Cundell Obituary


In early 2018, Arena lost one of its most popular and creative members, Harry Cundell, who died at the age of 94. Still active and a regular attendee at our meetings, Harry had been a member of the group for

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Arena Seminar 2018 Response


The Arena Seminar 2018 was a great success! Special thanks go to our hugely talented speakers who presented to us over the weekend, including Steve Smith, Jason Bell, Hans Strand, Polina Plotnikova, Paul Russell and George Georgiou. We are

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